Ron’s Reflections

After 29 years in public education, 16 years as an elementary physical education and health teacher and 13 years as a district curriculum coordinator, I am feeling compelled to begin a blog to share my journey and ways that I found success in the gymnasium making my class a positive learning environment for all. Ever since beginning my career I have always likened the saying, “P.E. is a Positive Experience.” I always impressed upon my students that they should always enjoy coming to physical education and leave with positive feelings. If not, I was not doing my job. In this blog I will share with you tips for other physical education teachers to consider implementing with their students. I plan to include the following topics in my reflective writings:

Cooperative Learning
Authentic Assessments
Fitness Fun
Unit/Lesson Design
Tech Integration
Social-Emotional Learning
Character Development
Student Motivation & Engagement

My intention is to post a Blog every two weeks. Please visit my website ( for fun games and activities that you can use in your PE classes.

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